October Newsletter

Dear Valued Customer,

As the comfortable fall weather sets in, we know many of our customers down south are gearing  up for New Years sales and we are gearing up to serve your pyrotechnic needs this fall as well!  

As we have expected, we are getting larger orders as many of our customers are low on stock.  We are working continuously to rebuild our inventory after a very strong summer season and  luckily have containers arriving now. Many of our customers’ favorites are now in stock but are  going fast. Be sure to get your order in as soon as possible. I am including a stock list for your reference.  

In China, there have been some disruptions to the fireworks industry’s production. After the  factories were shut down due to the high summer temperatures, the President of China recently  visited the Hunan Province, so all fireworks factories were shut down. Currently, China is on a  week-long holiday and production will resume soon. As you may have also heard, the Chinese  government is imposing new restrictions on any tube diameter greater than 1.2”. This has been  delayed until the end of November and we are working to get as much product out before this  deadline. After that, product with tube diameters greater than 1.2” will be required to have a  metal cage on the outer carton for safety. This will add considerable cost to some of the products  that were already too expensive.  

We are expecting more product to be loaded in the weeks ahead. We will give more updates on  this once we know for sure which items are on the way. More good news is that we ordered all  canister shells in advance, so we have already received Nemesis with Big Brutus and the much  sought-after Vampire Shells to be loaded soon.  

Despite the current pandemic and travel restrictions, we have a fantastic lineup of new products  coming for 2021 with some of the items arriving this fall! We cannot wait to give you a preview  soon! We will send another update next month as we enter the final stretches of the fall season.  

Later this month, I plan to tour the State of Texas and will begin preparing for the trip very soon.  If you would like to meet with me to discuss your pyrotechnic needs now and in the future, please  feel free to email me at eric.garrett@garrettsllc.com.  

Thank you.  

Eric J. Garrett