November News

Dear Valued Customer,

It’s already November and tomorrow is our big election day! As you are aware, this is arguably  the most important election of our lifetime, so be sure to vote. 

Since the last letter I sent you, there have been more developments in China that have had  additional negative effects on our industry. As you have previously been informed, China is still  restricting consumer fireworks which have a tube diameter of 1.2” or greater. Anything with a  tube diameter larger than that, must be classified as 1.3g or enclosed in a wire cage which adds  considerable costs and inconveniences to the warehousing of the products. At this time, Garrett’s  Fireworks will not consider the wire cage enclosures on any of its products and are redesigning or  discontinuing certain products that fit this criterion.  

As mentioned in my previous update, we have several new 2021 products which were supposed  to come in during this fall season as well as Big Brutus and Vampire Shells. While these  products are finished and loaded in containers at this very moment, the Chinese government has  now closed both the Shanghai and Beihai ports for fireworks. The Beihai port has been closed  due to an expired license for the storage of fireworks until further notice. The Shanghai port is  closed from November 5-11. As soon as either of these ports are opened, we will ship more  containers out. However, this delay could dampen our selection for this fall season. Luckily, we  have plenty of our popular 60g. canister shell, Nemesis in stock at this moment.  

We understand and share your frustration with the unpredictable nature of the Chinese  government and over the past two years, we have traveled to other countries to explore their  potential to make some of our products. However, for the time being, we are completely reliant  on China to make our products but continue to search for other avenues to diversify our  production line.  

For now, we continue to offer all products in our warehouse and highly encourage you to get your  order in as soon as possible as orders for fall are much greater than previous years. We apologize for some holes in our product line up as we make every effort to rebuild our inventory for fall,  spring and beyond.  

Thank you.  

Eric Garrett